About MyRiviv

MyRiviv is an online store that is always in progress for one simple reason...


The reality is that we would not exist (and continue existing) if not for you.

That means we are always striving to deliver the latest products for YOUR personality at affordable prices.

So not only are we constantly searching ourselves, but if you ever believe there's a little "something" missing... you let us know. We'll respond, make sure we understand, and see what we can do.

We make it our goal to always come through... for you.

You won't find any corporate speak, cold emails or disinterested phone operators.

Nope. We're here for you... because you're the reason we're around.

So please, drop us a line at any time. The best way to reach our customer support team is via email at:

Our social media links are at the bottom of the page. We'd love for you to join us and spread the love.

We are constantly running promos and contests to continuously deliver you AMAZING savings.

Much love,

The Entire MyRiviv Team

P.S. People are always asking us how to pronounce the "riviv." We've heard some people say it like "revive." Others have said it like "ree-veev."

At this point, we're not sure what we were going for, but we like the variety and in the spirit of keeping this all about you... however you say it...